Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What's going on.....

Sometimes May is more exhausting than December and the holidays....don't you think? This is an exciting week with Project Based Learning starting and all of our testing DONE! The children have done such a great job. I am amazed by the progress EACH child has made! What a great group of students this has been to work with! It is hard to believe we are down the last few days!

With Project Based Learning, our schedule has changed from May 4 - May 12.

8:-00-9:00- math/science
9:00-9:50 - reading/writing/social studies
9:50-10:20 recess
10:20-10:50 - activity
10:50-11:10 - class meeting
11:10-11:40 - extension
11:48 - Lunch
12:30-2:30 PBL

Here is a glance at what we will be working on this week and NEXT week!

Reading: Review of Cesar Chavez and Lyndon Johnson- We will take a short assessment on these two, but we will do plenty of activities in class to prepare!

Math: We will start stations to work on memorization of multiplication facts. We will continue to work on problems solving.

Science: We will finish our pollution unit and work on reusing objects for our garbage art.

Homework: We will not have homework this week or next week! It is just such a busy time. I am encouraging the children to continue to read as often as they can,

Field Day
Field Day is FRIDAY, MAY 15!! Our class voted and want to have everyone wear a blue t-shirt! Any shade of blue will be fine. I do not want anyone to feel the need to go buy a t-shirt! Coach Pittman still needs some volunteers to help with field day! Please sign up using the link below!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's going on....

I am so very proud of your children! They really had great attitudes last week and put forth amazing effort!  We only have two MAP test to go on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday morning from 9-11 all students in our class will be taking the Reading MAP and  on Friday we will be taking the Math MAP!

A glance at our week.....

Math: How do I graph the results of the data from a survey! The children will create a survey to give to the other third grade students, graph the results, and analyze the results.  The children will also work on review stations for sharpen skills from 4th grade.

Reading: Monday we  finished reading Judy Moody Saves the World and did a venn diagram to compare it to the story Judy Moody Declares Independence.  The children compared the setting, plot, problems, solutions, and characters.  We will look at character traits of Judy Moody and other characters from the book  too.  NEXT WEEK, we will be working on reusing recycled objects to make garbage art. This week for homework, the children are to be making a plan for their project and start collecting materials.  WE WILL DO THIS IN CLASS NEXT WEEK!

Also on THURSDAY, we will be reusing old T-shirts to make them into a bag! PLEASE send in a old t-shirt, that can be cut, by THURSDAY!!!

Writing: We will be working on a writing samples to go in our writing portfolios.

Science: We will review our pollution standards and have our assessment Tuesday of next week!

Homework this week
 Drop in the bucket - Due Friday
Make a plan for Garbage Art and collect Materials - BRING IN BY TUESDAY of next week.
Bring in an old T-Shirt - BY THURSDAY

Monday, April 20, 2015

What's going on...

Be very proud of your third grader!!!!!  Today was long, but they did a wonderful job! They were focused and used many different strategies we talked about in class. I will add also, that I really liked seeing them work on the computers as oppsed to bubbling an answer sheet!  One day down...and 4 to go!

I really do want this to be a stressfree week. The only homework for this week is for children to get to bed as early as possible and eat a good breakfast in the morning! We will have a very quick snack before testing. Thanks to all of you who have sent in snacks! It is nice to have some "special" items!

Also, in your child's homework folder is a graphic organzier on famous Americans. If  would be a good idea to have read through this some this week as well. I have also said they can take their Science workbook home to review for the Science if they would like. Both of these Milestones assessments will be Thursday or Friday! Again...this is not to add stress, but I know some children and parents like some extra information.

When not testing this week, we will review, play games, and work on independent writing. Please keep me posted if you have any questions.  Thanks for all the notes! The children loved them!

Monday, April 13, 2015

What's going on...

I hope you all had a wonderful break!  The children came in and jumped right back into work. I was proud of them.

Spring Picture Information
The deadline for ordering pictures is this WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th.  
Orders received on after this date will be charged a $10 late fee from the photographer. 
This information is printed on the top of the order form/proofs sheet. Proof sheets and order forms were in your child's Friday folder.

Milestones - I like to call it "SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW WEEK!" 
Today we did a practice Milestones assessment to give children the opportunity to explore the interface and tools of the Milestones program.  They did a good job working on the site and navigating the tools.  We start our official testing NEXT Monday. Please be sure your child is at school ON TIME and does not need to check out if at all possible.  Some testing will be in the afternoon.  The morning testing starts RIGHT at 8:00am.  Also, I do think a good night sleep is helpful. I am not going to give homework next week to help ensure an early bedtime!  I actually will assign this as their homework! :)

Please know that I am not concerned about these children testing at all! Instead of spending one second stressed or worried, I want them to walk into this room confident and proud of what they have learned in third grade. We are going to do some showing off in this room and be PROUD of all the learning they have done!  It is a week for them to "SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW!"   We are excited!!!!

I would love to have some type of snack for the children either before or after testing next week!  I would like simple things like muffins, grapes, or cheese sticks! Something healthy that I could quickly hand out and could be eaten and cleaned-up quickly. If you would be willing to send in something, let me know. I would like to at least make sure Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are covered!!  

There will also be an opportunity for you to send in notes of encouragement and pride for next week!  I will be sending these home later this week in a sealed envelope! 

Here is a glance at our week!

Math: How do I graph and analyze data?  How do I find the relationship or patterns in a sequence of numbers?  We will be doing some experiments to collect and graph data.

Reading: We will finish up our reading of Judy Moody Saves the World  and discuss the different ways to conserve our natural resources. We will also work on comparing two different text. 

Social Studies/Science: We will continue our pollution/conservation unit and review all of the famous Americans we have learned about this year!

Writing: What are the differences of revising and editing? The children will be working on an independent writing sample of a narrative, opinion, or informational writing. 

Homework this week: 
Read for 20 min a night OR 80 min a week - The newspaper can be part of the 20 mins of reading!
Do the reading worksheet - answer in complete sentences
Do both sides of the math worksheet.
Both worksheets are due Friday!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's going on....

Here is a glance at our week!

MATH:  How do I measure mass and capacity? The children will be learning about measuring mass in grams and kilograms. They will also learn about measuring capacity. Below is the Student Learning Map for this unit!

Measurement Student Learning Map

NEEDED...For this unit, I am in need of a few bags of beans. If you have an extra bag in the pantry, and would be willing to donate it, I would appreciate it!  

Reading: This week we will be comparing stories written by the same author. We will compare and contrast characters, conflicts resolution, settings, and author's crafts.  The children will also begin reading a biography on Thurgood Marshall, researching Cesar Chavez and Lyndon Johnson, and reading  a narrative titled Judy Moody Saves the World.  This narrative ties in great with our pollution  and conservation standards that we will begin learning next week!

Social Studies: What were the accomplishments of  Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon Johnson, and Cesar Chavez? How are these men and their accomplishments alike or different? What was their influence on America culture?

Science: What are the different types of pollution? What are ways we can conserve our natural resources?

Friday is our Ag Day Field Trip. Permission slips came home in Friday folders. PLEASE fill them out as soon as possible and return them to school.  More information on this trip is posted in an earlier post.We will be going to the Natural Resource Conservation Center in Oconee County on March 27 from 8:45-9:45. We will leave the school around 8:30 am and return by 10:30 am.

ADHD Parent Workshop

Rocky Branch will be hosting a Parent Workshop on ADD/ADHD and undiagnosed attention issues. We are so excited to have Dr. Donna Davis coming to speak with us and give us practical ways we can help our children with life skills such as homework, organization, and routines.

Dr. Davis is well-known in the Athens/Oconee area for her work as a school counselor, private counselor and psychologist. This workshop will be well-worth your time!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Rocky Branch Media Center