Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's going on....

I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break!  It was relaxing, and the children came back ready to work!  Here is some information on CRCT week and what is going on in our class!!

Our LAST MAP test is tomorrow!  It is the math assessment!  Please encourage your child to be diligent and take his/her time! I know these are long, but they can do it!  If they get to a hard one, remind them to just figure out what they do know! They have worked very hard on these and done great!  I try to keep it calm and stress less, but sometimes the students are just so hard on themselves!

Friday we will be have a special RBES Rocket Relay at 1:30pm. This will be our own school wide Relay for Life! Each grade level will complete a lap to a special grade level song!  PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD WEAR HIS/HER RELAY FOR LIFE T-SHIRT IF THEY HAVE ONE!

"Show What You Know Week!" aka...CRCT.

It’s here! It’s almost time!  APRIL 28 - May 2  is “Show What You Know” week and this class is going to do amazing!

"Show What You Know Week" begins a week from  Monday on April 28! If you would be willing to send in a healthy snack of mini muffins, grapes, cheese sticks, etc. that would be great. It should be a quick, light, and clean snack!  Research also shows that children can concentrate better with peppermint or gum. So, feel free to send some in to share with the class. I do ask that the gum be sugar free. It usually holds the taste a bit longer than other gum. Let me know which day you would like to sign up to send in a snack!

 I’m not concerned about your children! Instead of spending ONE SECOND stressed or worried, I want them to walk into this room confident and proud of what they have learned in third grade. We are going to do some showing off in this room and be PROUD of it! As a matter of fact, we don’t even say the "C" word....it is called "show what you know!" I have some special ticket drawings and raffles to share to help us celebrate  our learning this week, and we will have some great snacks. Others may be stressed and worried but we are E-X-C-I-T-E-D! What an opportunity to show all that you know!

Show What you Know Schedule for April 28- May 2.

Monday, April 28 - Reading
Tuesday, April 29  - ELA
Wednesday, April 30- Math
Thursday, May 1 - Science
Friday, May 2 -  Social Studies

Here is what we will work on this week!!!

Math - We have practice on identifying the units of measure for mass and liquid capacity. We will also work on identifying the area and perimeter of irregular shapes. I hope to have the measurement/elapsed time assessment next Tuesday or Wednesday!

Reading/Science: ELA3R3 – RL 1, 2, 3 This week we have worked some more on book Judy Moody Saves the World. This novel ties with our pollution standards from Science. While reading we will really focus on referring to the text and identifying main ideas and supporting details of each chapter. Students will also review prefix, suffixes, and root words.

 We will spend a little time this week and next with some  test prep strategies and provide time to help students practice bubbling answers and REFERRING TO THE TEXT!

**Don't forget, in your child's agenda is their Online Assessment login information for CRCT practice.  If you or your child would like some extra practice this is a good place to start!

Social Studies - Review of Famous Americans and discuss and learn important contributions of Lyndon Johnson and Cesar Chavez.

Homework for this week
*Drop in the Bucket due Friday.
*Read for 20 min a night or 80 min a week - Use the Lyndon Johnson biography or newspaper for this reading. If your child didn't get a book, we will give him/her one later this week.
*There was a Math sheet sent home for this week that can be turned in Wednesday or Thursday.


Friday, March 28, 2014

For anyone who was planning to work Saturday in the garden at RBES, the event has been CANCELLED due to expected weather!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

What's going on.....

Wednesday 3/26 - MAP (ELA)
Thursday, 3/27 - 3rd grade Ag Day
*Monday, 3/31 - Friday, 4/4 - Global Youth Service Week*

*Starting Monday, 3/31, RBES will be collecting items for Global Youth Service Week.  If you feel led to donate, please see the list of items and days on which to turn them in.*
Monday, 3/31 - Pasta
Tuesday, 4/1 - Rice
Wednesday, 4/2 - Beans
Thursday, 4/3 - Peanut Butter

Here is a glance at what we will be working on in class!

MATH:  How do I measure mass and capacity? The children will be learning about measuring mass in grams and kilograms. They will also learn about measuring capacity. Below is the Student Learning Map for this unit! 

Measurement Student Learning Map

Reading: This week we will be comparing stories written by the same author. We will compare and contrast characters, conflicts resolution, settings, and author's crafts.  The children will also begin reading a biography on Thurgood Marshall and a narrative titled Judy Moody Saves the World.  This narrative ties in great with our pollution  and conservation standards that we will begin learning next week!

The students LOVED exploring with writing code and programing last week! The children will have a day to build a Lego animal, discuss the adaptations of the animal, then program the animal to make movements that help it survive. They have really done a great job with these task. It really requires following directions and problem solving.

I will not be able to do an Online Chat this week! :( The children were disappointed! I will set one up for next week if our schedules work out!

Social Studies: What were the accomplishments of Eleanor Roosevelt and Thurgood Marshall? What was their influence on America culture?

Grammar: We will continue to work on correcting punctuation and grammar of sentences.


I have login information for the OAS (Online Assessment System) if you are interested. I will have students write login information in the front of your child's agenda .  These are good practice assessments for CRCT that you may work on at home. The children may work on these to review standards or practice referring to text  to answer questions from reading passages.  I caution you that sometimes these practice assessments cause undo stress and test anxiety for students (AND PARENTS!). So please watch your child as they take these and make sure it isn't causing them to worry or become upset.   It is often harder for them to take these on the computer and some of the sample questions are short answer or performance based. CRCT is just multiple choice.  We are working to review and reteach all standards at school as well.

Lost and Found…
The RBES Lost and Found is in the hallway near the gym and cafeteria, right at the entrance to the cafeteria door.    Please encourage your child to stop by the Lost and Found to see if they have an item there.

All items remaining in Lost and Found on Monday, March 31 will be donated or sold.  All profits will come back to RBES Secret Santa fund.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Third Grade Ag Day

Oconee County's Agricultural Day
We will be going to the Natural Resource Conservation Center in Oconee County on March 27 from 8:45-9:45. We will leave the school around 8:30am and return by 10:30am.
Third Grade Agriculture Day
Sponsored by
Oconee County Chamber of Commerce
Agribusiness Committee
at the
Agricultural Research Services Station
J. Phil Campbell, Sr.
Natural Resource Conservation Center
Experiment Station Road
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Stations will be set up to learn about the following topics:

Students will be in small groups moving from station to station.
A list of schools and presentation times at the Research Center

Monday, March 17, 2014

What's going on...

Here is a glance at our week!

If your child wants to participate in an online chat over the book Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt I will start a short one tonight at 6:30pm.  I will add the link on the Student Links page on this blog!

Tomorrow at 1:00pm, our class will visit the book fair! You may send money or wait for your child to make a wish list and send the money later!

 Ice Cream Social, Book Fair, and STEAM Science Night
Thursday, March 18  from 5:30pm-7:30pm RBES will be holding family STEAM night in conjunction with the Ice Cream Social /Book fair night on March 18. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics activities will be set up as stations for you to enjoy! We will also have an information table about STEAM and how we are incorporating this initiative into our school! This evening is going to be LOTS OF FUN.

Reading - This week the children will be given a reading book at his/her level. They will be completing an in class Book Project called "Book in a Bag!"  This project requires the children to summarize the story, respond to the literature, and make inferences about the plot or characters.  The children will share the projects Monday in small groups.

Math -This week for math we are starting a new measurement unit! I will attached the Student Learning Map later.  The main focus this week will be how to measure elapsed time. The children have a good basic understanding of telling time on an analog clock! Yea!!!

Social Studies - The children demonstrated a good understanding of the economic standards. I do think we need to review Supply and Demand a bit more. We will discuss this more tomorrow and then check to see if our understanding has improved.  Then, we will work on the accomplishment of Eleanor Roosevelt!

STEM- The children are excited because we are working on some basic computer coding in class. The children will transition through three stations that will require them to learn basic code commands. They are very excited about this!
Station 1 - Robotics
Station 2 - WeDo Lego - students build Legos with motors and use computer to program motors
Station 3 - Hour of Code - students move an "angry bird" to complete a task using basic code

Have a great week! Let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What's going on...

I hope you are all having a great week! Here is a glance at what we are working on this week!!

Reading/Social Studies- What are the different perspective or point of view of characters? How do I compare characters in a story?

Our first Online Book Chat on Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt will be Thursday evening at 6:30 pm. I will keep the chat room open for about thirty minutes. This is an optional activity.

 I will email or post the chat room link on the Blog under Student Links on Thursday. I will be on with the students (as administrator) from about 6:30-7:00 pm. Your child may enter the chat room or leave anytime during this session.  If this time doesn't work for you, I will have another chat session next week at a different time!

When the chat is over, I will "Block" each student from the specific chat room and delete the link.  That way, the children will not be allowed to re enter the chat room. If we start another online book chat, I will create a brand new link and chat room.

Again...I am 100% in support the parents rights to pass on this. I will provide other opportunities for those who do not do the online chat!

We will finish our study on Eleanor Roosevelt next week. 

Grammar - What are adjectives and adverbs?

Social Studies - What are economic problems? What are goods and services that we consume?  I HOPE to assess on economics on Friday. Here is a review of the vocabulary. I still have the students' graphic organizers here at school. I will send them on Thursday.

Economics vocabulary review

Monday, March 3, 2014

What's going on....

Book Chat on Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?

I am going to see if we can have some students participate in an online chat one evening at home. I have found a free and safe educational chat service. All I have to do is provide the students the link to the chat room, and we can discuss the book we are reading or other topics from class.
Please answer the questions below if you are comfortable with your child participating in this after school activity. I completely understand if you have reservations.  Please use the link below if you would like your child to participate in the book chat.


For the 20 minutes of reading the next week or so, I have given your child a book titled Who was Eleanor Roosevelt.   There is no "time" that the book is to be finished. I just want to really try and make this reading time meaningful and relevant. I will let you know when we will attempt our first chat room. I think we will need to wait until next week!

Lunch Bunch Book Club- I will be selecting new books for our Lunch Bunch Book Club next week!

Math: MCC.3.NF.1 U, MCC.3.NF.2, and MCC.3.NF.3 We will work on measurements to the nearest 1/4, 1/2, and inch this week. I really feel like the children are ready to assess on fractions. It is looking like Wednesday will be the day. I will know for sure when I see how our lesson goes tomorrow! 
Student Learning Map Fractions

Reading - This week we will work to identify figurative language in narratives and practice identifying cause and effect relationships with in narrative and informational books.  

Science: S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the dependence of 
organisms on their habitat. b. Identify features of green plants that allow them to live and thrive in different regions of Georgia. c. Identify features of animals that allow them to live and thrive in different regions of Georgia.

This week we will finish our study on habitats and adaptions. We will work on a study guide and assess these standards next Wednesday!

 Social Studies -  
Tuesday we will start our Economics unit.  Here are the standards for this unit! We have a good video series that will help cover these standards.
SS3E1 The student will describe the four types of productive resources:
a. Natural (land)
b. Human (labor)
c. Capital (capital goods)
d. Entrepreneurship (used to create goods and services)

SS3E2 The student will explain that governments provide certain types of goods
and services in a market economy, and pay for these through taxes and will describe
services such as schools, libraries, roads, police/fire protection, and military.