Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fredrick Douglass Reveiw

Here is a Quizlet to help review for Fredrick Douglass!

Review for Fredrick Douglass

What's going on.........

Lots of information below! Let me know if you have any questions....

In the past years, last week would have been when progress reports would have been sent home.  However with Power School and the many other forms of communication we used to inform you of your child's progress, printed Progress Reports are not sent home. In Friday Folders, I sent home 3 assessment feedback results sheets. In addition, I have recently held conferences with most of you either in person of by email. If any of you question concerning your child's progress at this point in the quarter and need more information PLEASE feel free to let me know! I promise to notify you if I have any concerns.  Also, we will be reteaching the Government standards and review them in December. We will re-assess for those who need it! These are very challenging standard and vocabulary  that really need a great deal of practice.

 Our Christmas party will be on Dec 19 at 1:30. Is there anyone that would be willing to head up planning our party and arranging food etc. I typically like to do a snacks drinks, simple class craft, then a book exchange. Each child wraps a gently used book, then we do a quick game to exchange them.  However, I am up for anything! I was wondering if there was a class "giving/kindness" project work on as well. Any ideas?? Please let me know.

Finally....please make sure to read one of the post from last week if you are interested in the Six Flags reading program. Your child can record his/her reading on the reading log and earn a free ticket to Six Flags this summer!  You can print the Reading Log as well. 

I hope you all have something to look forward to next week with your child!  I am truly thankful to work with your children each day!  They are all so uniquely special! Enjoy your time with them next week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here is a glance at our week!

Reading: RI 1, 2, 3, and 5 and Social Studies – Our Democratic Heritage-SS3H1, SS3G1, SS3CG1  -Science: S3E1 a, b,c,d and S3E2 a, b - Rocks, Minerals, Soils and Fossils
This week we WILL finish our study on Fredrick Douglass. We just didn't get finished last week.  We will have the assessment on Friday.

We will also continue to read informational text on rocks and minerals.  We will have the opportunity to test minerals and identify the properties of the minerals.  
The children LOVE sharing different rocks and minerals from home or that they have found! On FRIDAY, we will have a Rocks and Mineral Museum.  The children may bring any rocks or minerals to share with the class. We will test some of them for hardness and luster. Some want to make a "collection" by putting them in an egg carton and labeling them. That is fine too but not required. We will try to identify the minerals or parts of the rock in class. 

Math- MD 5- Area - We are staring our new unit on the relationship between multiplication and addition and area.   This week we will focus on what area means and how to find the area of squares and rectangles. 

Writing- Well, we are STILL working on opinion or persuasive papers because the children have been excited about a project we stumbled upon when researching finding different ways to solve problems with friends.  We found some information on a "Buddy Bench" and how it can be used to help solve problems on the playground and help our friends who are lonely.  They were so excited, and they wanted to write Mrs. Wages to see if we could get a Buddy Bench for Rocky Branch.   I have been impressed with the enthusiasm and support of their opinions. I hope to get these to Mrs. Wages by Thursday! These children really understand the ROCKETS' Way!

Here are some videos, if interested, that explain how the Buddy Bench was started and how it is used in schools. 


Friday, November 14, 2014

Six Flags® Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club!

Dear Families,
Welcome to the Six Flags® Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club!

Your child’s school is participating in an exciting program that encourages students in grades
K through 6 to read for fun. Read to Succeed is a free program sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks. Every student who completes six hours of recreational reading before the school’s deadline noted below is eligible for a free admission ticket valid at participating

Six Flags Theme Parks. Students will develop a greater appreciation for books when they see

that you think reading is important too. You are sure to have fun as you investigate the world of reading together!
Here’s what you need to know:
Only students in grades K through 6 are eligible to participate.

 Review the attached reading log. Your child should use this sheet to record what and how long he/she reads.

 Your child must complete six hours, or 360 minutes, of recreational reading.

 Please initial each entry and then sign the reading log to verify that the six hours of reading has been completed.

 Your child can read books, magazines, newspapers, or comic books. Reading for homework or a class assignment does NOT count.

 Students can read silently, aloud, or with an adult—you can read to your child, or your child can read to you.

 Remind your child to return the reading log to his/her teacher by the date on the log.

 Late entries will NOT be accepted.
About the Tickets
Tickets will be awarded to students by their teacher/coordinator.
 The ticket is valid for admission on select dates only during the 2014 season. Valid dates will be printed on the tickets.

 Tickets are valid for students in grades K-6 only and are not valid for anyone over the age of 13. No exceptions.

 Each ticket is valid for one free admission only.

 Tickets are not for resale and are nontransferable.

 They cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.

We hope that you and your child enjoy this free program and spend time reading together.
Happy Reading!
The Six Flags® Read to Succeed Team

We will let you know the due date for logs soon!
SIX FLAGS: TM & © 2013 Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's going on...

Sorry it is a few days late, but here is a glance at our week!

Thursday and Friday are the LAST DAYS of the Can-a-thon!! Bring in those CANS!!!

Don't forget the RBES Thanksgiving Feast is THIS FRIDAY! You are welcome to come and eat with your child!

Reading: RI 1, 2, 3, and 5 and Social Studies – Our Democratic Heritage-SS3H1, SS3G1, SS3CG1  -  Monday and Tuesday we worked on our comparison of Judy Moody Declares Independence and Who was Paul Revere.  We compare Judy and Paul Revere, and then we did a book comparison. The book comparison was harder, but the students did a good job. This week will finish our study of Fredrick Douglass and read some informational books on rocks and mineral. We will also learn how to use the Internet to take notes on  a specific topic. We took note on the properties of rocks and minerals and the uses of rocks and minerals.  Next Wednesday or Thursday,  we will have our assessment Fredrick Douglass.  I will have a review on the blog!

Math: OA.5, OA.6, OA.7 - How can the properties of multiplication help me solve properties? How can the properties help me know my facts fluently? How can I use multiplication and division when problem solving?
This week we worked on how to answer short answer questions in math and discussed ways to organize our thinking before we start writing. In addition, we learned how the distributive property and arrays can help us make harder multiplication facts easier.  We will also do an experiment on line plots and create a line plot.

Science: S3E1 a, b,c,d and S3E2 a, b - Rocks, Minerals, Soils and Fossils - In reading we continued to do research on rocks and minerals.  We also did a STEAM activity in which we used the Engineering By Design process to create a machine or technology that can help people safely mine rocks and minerals.  The students used the Lego Robotics to make a model of their design and then programmed the model to move as it would in real life.  The inventions were great!  We also made a model of rocks...which are made of different minerals!
  Student Learning Map on Rocks and Soil

Word Work  Vocabulary Words of the Week
completely - lacking nothing, whole or finished

response-an answer, a reaction, something said or done in reply

Spelling Pattern of the Week:  -ur and –ir word

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pumpkin Character Analysis

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What's going on...

Thank you all so very much for sending in the pumpkin and snacks. We had a great time! Here is a glance at our week! 
If I have not scheduled a conference with you yet and you feel you need to meet, please let me know. Also, I will be working on the "email" conferences as well. Please forgive my delay.

Math: OA.5, OA.6, OA.7 - How can the properties of multiplication help me solve properties? How can the properties help me know my facts fluently? How can I use multiplication and division when problem solving?
We continue to work on our multiplication facts and using properties to help us solve harder facts. This week we will discuss how to use the distributive property to break harder facts into easier facts.

Reading: RI 1, 2, 3, and 5 and Social Studies – Our Democratic Heritage-SS3H1, SS3G1, SS3CG1  We will finish  Judy Moody Declares Independence and work on our book comparisons.  We will also work on identifying cause and effect relationship in fiction and non-fiction text.  .   We will continue to review Government standards to practice vocabulary and assess on Friday (I am changing this..the AGENDA says THURSDAY. Be sure to practice the review posted earlier. I will send home some other notes we have worked on in class. 

Science: S3E1 a, b,c,d and S3E2 a, b - Rocks, Minerals, Soils and Fossils - We started our unit  on the differences of rocks and minerals and the properties of each. I have added the student learning map below.  We began with reading the information from our Science Text and explaining our observations for rocks and minerals. Next week, we will review the differences of rock and minerals.  Student Learning Map on Rocks and Soil

Word Work  
Vocabulary Words of the Week

Spelling Pattern of the Week:  er and or sounds

Drop in Bucket
Review spelling words using choices
Practice multiplication facts
Review for Government Assessment  of Friday - they wrote Thursday in Agenda

Monday, October 27, 2014

Government Review

Here is another Prezi to help your child practice if you want to before next week. We will also do this in class. I made it quickly, so if your child notices a mistake, PLEASE have them tell me!  :)